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Tous ces couteaux font partie de ma collection personnelle.
aucun n'est à vendre.
All of theese knives are my private collection.
no knives are for sale.

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Victorinox Elinox pre 68 . Victorinox Craftsman.
Victorinox Cyber Tool. Victorinox Deluxe Tinker, Digital Sandstorm.
Victorinox Huntsman, So Chic. Victorinox Explorer.
Victorinox Swisschamp. Victorinox Swisschamp, Horn Handle.
Victorinox Ranger pre 85. Victorinox Ranger.
Victorinox Mountainer. Victorinox Camping.
Victorinox Camping, ancien (old model). Victorinox Angler.
Victorinox Golfer. Victorinox Climber, "Schweiz".
Victorinox Climber, "Good Year". Victorinox Climber, "Tour de France 99".
Victorinox Climber, Black. Victorinox Traveller.
Victorinox Compact. Victorinox Spartan.
Victorinox Spartan camo. Victorinox Spartan "Avant Garde"..
Victorinox Spartan pre 73. Victorinox Spartan "Autriche".
Victorinox Spartan "EM Cond A". Victorinox Spartan "Black Revival".
Victorinox Tourist (publicitaire). Victorinox Inline Skater Toolset.
Victorinox Waiter . Victorinox Waiter "Black Revival".
93mm, 89mm Alox
Victorinox Pioneer Pruner. Victorinox Pioneer.
Victorinox Electrician.. Victorinox Pioneer Black.
Victorinox Harvester. Victorinox Farmer black.
Victorinox Farmer orange. Victorinox Pioneer X Blue.
Victorinox Pioneer 2017. Victorinox Pioneer 2016.
Victorinox Pioneer (publicitaire). Victorinox Sturdy.
Victorinox Elinox.
Victorinox Cadet. Victorinox Bantam Alox.
Victorinox Nomad. Victorinox Picknicker..
Victorinox Skipper. Victorinox Hercules.
Victorinox Workchamp pre2017. Victorinox Hunter.
Victorinox Sentinel Clip, 125 years. Victorinox Rescue Tool.
Victorinox Dual Pro X. Victorinox Hunter XS.
Victorinox Locksmith. Victorinox Forester, Liner Lock.
Victorinox Forester, Slide Lock. Victorinox Cheese Knife, Slide Lock.
Victorinox Classic, Zodiac. Victorinox Classic, Quadrillé.
Victorinox Classic, USAF. Victorinox Minichamp.
Victorinox Classic, alox.
Victorinox Exelsior.. Victorinox Baker's knife.
Victorinox Popular. Victorinox Solo.
Victorinox Swiss Card Lite. Victorinox Swiss Card.
Victorinox Swisstool X. Victorinox Spirit S.
Victorinox Pruning. Victorinox Greffoir Ecoline.
Victorinox Greffoir.
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85 mm
Wenger 63 P2 Blackout. Wenger 17 Evowood.
Wenger Standard,102.00 Wenger Classic s10
Wenger Traveller Wenger Basic 62
Wenger Basic 63 Wenger Skier
Wenger 1.21.13 Wenger Security 17
Wenger Tool Chest Wenger Commander year 2000.
Wenger Basic 63, old. Wenger Evolution 565.
Wenger 75em anniversaire CAS. Wenger Evogrip, Patagonian Expedition Race.
Wenger Backpacker (pre 1985).
120 mm
Wenger Ranger 05. Wenger Ranger 05 Realtree.
Wenger Ranger 07 Wenger Ranger 03
130 mm
Wenger Ranger 61. Wenger Ranger 57 Hardwoods.
Rangergrip 74, version Victorinox.
Wengerinox. Wenger Professionnal 17221.
Wenger Eloxy Wenger Soldier (2005).
Wenger Executive Lite.
Swiza D03. Swiza D01 All Black.
Swiza D01 publicitaire.